PPC Keyword Factoring, Ad Group Structure, & Match Type AssignmentsSearch campaign audience configuration is an important aspect of campaign setup which is often neglected. Dependent upon the market targeted, it may be beneficial to performance to include and exclude certain audiences.

Examples include including certain in-market audiences, interests, and demographics including age, gender, income level, home ownership, professional interests. There are also frequently benefits to exclude certain audiences from targeting. Negative audiences can also help to shape campaign performance.

Remarketing audiences can also be used to target search campaign, through remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

Blastoff will develop Audience profiles which serve to maximize the performance of the campaign over time.  There are many methods of approaching this, described elsewhere on this site.

We utilize both “Targeting” and “Observational” audiences, and bid adjustments to great effect, as well as RLSA.

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