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PPC Insights Blog

The PPC Insights Blog analyzes issues and trends of interest to advertisers and search engine marketing professionals. Our primary interest is Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising but we also cover developments with the following platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

If you are interested in a search engine marketing topic or trend and don’t find it address here, we encourage you to let us know via our contact form. PPC Insights will answer all submitted questions via private email, and possibly follow up with a PPC Insights blog article on the topic.

Responsive Search Ads:
Machine Learning Meets Advertising

Responsive display ads first arrived as a new Beta display ad type in Google PPC display campaigns in 2018. Responsive search ads were then introduced by Google, and rolled out by Microsoft in mid-2019. The ad platforms have been surprisingly tight-lipped about their purpose, and they [...]

PPC Quality Score:
Four Things To Get Right

Quality Score (QS) is a core mechanism in search engine ad platforms. Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms use them. The platform assigns quality scores to each keyword in the campaign. Their workings are a bit opaque by design and can seem arbitrary at times.

PPC Machine Learning:
A blog series

This series of articles takes a look at PPC automation available today, both how it works and associated controversies. We'll share the high points of what we've learned, including the positive and less positive angles. Digital advertisers are already benefiting from the recent arrival of automation within [...]

Paid Search Sales Funnel Fundamentals

What does a paid search sales funnel look like? You could have asked any corporate salesperson long ago because they've always thought of the sales process in terms of "sales funnels" and "sales pipelines". When a lead is generated through advertising, the marketing process, or another [...]