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Campaign Management

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Ongoing PPC campaign management is beneficial to many advertisers. Actively managed PPC campaigns perform better, bring more business to advertisers, and make better use of ad spend.

We provide three levels and classes of paid search campaign management. The foundational level is monitoring for exceptions and error conditions in campaigns. The second involves periodic observation and management of campaigns, in order to realize continuous improvements in performance.  The third is active daily monitoring and management of campaigns to keep them in line with changing market conditions, especially in more dynamic business sectors. All levels of active campaign management include reporting.

Continuous Adaptive OptimizationWhen campaigns are managed, performance is monitored and nudged higher, performance drops are circumvented, and opportunities to trim wasted ad spend waste are acted on. Campaign experiments and enhancements identify new opportunities to further increase performance. The result is a greater financial return on PPC accounts which are actively managed.  This is increasingly true for campaigns serving into more competitive markets, and in accounts with more than a few campaigns. An analogy can be made to operating a business with and without financial monitoring and management.

PPC campaign ads operate in a competitive, noisy, and constantly changing computing environment. The data being generated by campaigns provides the information needed to keep campaigns operating at peak efficiency. It facilitates among other things improvements to campaigns, adjustments in response to warning signals when demand is on the wane, and responding when a competitor enters the targeted market.

Below we itemize some ways Blastoff Labs provides ongoing PPC account management after launch and initial optimization.


GROZDAN DRAKOVITCH, Sofia ~ Bulgaria“Blastoff’s expertise can be described as TOP of Tier-1. Steve and his team master Google Ads and no doubt they can take on any challenge/demanding project. Very happy to have found him and looking forward to our next steps together.”

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Elements of Performance Management

PPC Search Ad Campaign Incremental Optimization Period

Following the coarse optimization period, new PPC search ad campaigns go through a more detailed phase of optimization which is incremental, generally for a duration of 4 to 12 weeks in order to extract maximum performance. Simpler search campaigns, and campaigns operating in business sectors with limited competition, can often be run successfully and checked only [...]

PPC Campaign Reporting Setup

Before launching a search ad campaign, we’ll configure the PPC campaign reporting for your campaigns. We'll configure reports to fit your accounts, campaigns, and business objectives. We'll add standard key performance indicators (KPI's), or implement custom KPI's most closely aligned to your business objectives. For example, in e-Commerce (Shopping) campaigns you will receive tabular reports with [...]

Speed, Load & Abandonment Testing

Site speed, behavior under heavy traffic loads, and anomalies leading to abandonment of a conversion process are significant in conversion performance.