When onboarding a video ad campaign project, we start by linking to your related accounts, then configure the project in our workflow tracking and support systems.

Typically we’ll be linking into Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. This is fast and simple.  If these clients do not exist or are being held by a 3rd party for any reason, we can create new accounts and designate our client as the owner.

Blastoff connects to client PPC accounts using Agency Accounts

Blastoff connects to client PPC accounts using Agency Accounts

Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads “agency accounts” (also known as multi-client accounts) are utilized to link to your accounts, which ensures our clients’ PPC accounts are never in a position to become captive to a 3rd party, along with other benefits. Significantly, it protects your intellectual property, ownership, related email accounts, and billing credentials.

We utilize enterprise-class workflow and project management software to schedule, coordinate, and track each step of the project, along with a suite of advertising applications to conduct the work. This facilitates the smooth organization, coordination, and tracking of the hundreds of interrelated details associated with the design of the campaign.

As the project ramps up, we’ll share an updated Gantt chart of the timeline for the project, highlighting tasks and milestones leading to launch.

As the project moves past launch the timeline becomes a reference point for any significant optimization or configuration changes made to the campaign(s).

gantt chart ppc search ad campaign development

Project timeline – Gantt chart