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Getting Started2020-12-15T22:47:02+00:00

Getting Started

Client Project OnboardingAsk Blastoff Labs any question you’d like, and we’ll answer it via email. 

If your question is of general interest, we may post it to our FAQ section, or create a blog article about it.

So please indicate whether it is OK for us to publish your first name, and last initial with your question.  Submit questions from the contact page form.

Getting Stated

Qualifying Your Project

How long to design new PPC campaigns, or rebuild existing campaigns?2020-11-09T07:46:20+00:00

Individual Campaigns

Depending upon our workload, we will typically spend about this amount of calendar time crafting new campaigns:

• 1 to 2 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a display campaign.

• 1 to 2 weeks to design and launch a YouTube campaign (2 videos, 6 ad groups).

• 2 to 3 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a medium-scale (~300 keywords, 20 ad group) search campaign.

• 3 to 5 weeks to design, build-out, and launch a medium-scale Shopping campaign including precision optimizing the feed (~5,000 products).

A few campaigns

If you have more than 1, but less than 5 campaigns we will typically build/rebuild them in parallel, with some staggering of the start date for each.

Complex & enterprise-scale accounts

We have re-engineered extensively, some large accounts with almost 1,000 campaigns active.  These projects need to be carefully planned and scheduled after first running a baseline and familiarizing our team with the account. Contact Blastoff Labs for details; each account is different.

Project TImelines: Will there be a timeline for the project?2020-11-16T07:06:19+00:00

Yes, we generate timelines showing workflows, durations, and milestones at the start of a project.  The steps for building each type of campaign, and related services are described in detail, on the SERVICES pages of BlastoffLabs.com

Are your PPC agency services refundable?2020-11-09T07:47:00+00:00

If a client had prepaid funds on account for PPC agency services yet to be rendered and decided to stop work immediately, they would be eligible for a refund.  We would refund the unused portion of the payment for PPC agency services, pro-rated.  We do not want anyone to go away unhappy.

We would also assist the client without charge, for any transition activity, transfer of files, support of a new agency, and related activities.

Is there a contractual lock-in period for PPC agency services?2020-11-09T07:47:21+00:00

Blastoff Labs does not believe in lock-in terms within contracts for PPC agency services.  Those kind of terms are one-sided; our clients are free to discontinue use of our services at any time.

We have developed a superior way to lock in our clients that works far better, than “doing business by force of contractual language”.  Of course, we do use contracts, mostly to set expectations and define terms of service.  As far as client retention, we believe the only way to retain long-term clients is for us to do such a great job helping them meet their business objectives, that our clients worry we may decide to go do something else!

In our experience, the only retention model that works in any services industry is to constantly add value.

PPC Account Intellectual Property: How do you protect it?2020-11-20T17:56:59+00:00

Blastoff Labs takes all issues relating to client intellectual property (IP) protection for PPC accounts seriously.  We have an IP protection policy that is reviewed and updated regularly.

Some of the key things we do to ensure the security of your campaigns and project information include:

No campaign information is downloaded to workstations in Blastoff Labs.

All campaign information is stored in highly secure cloud services.

Blastoff utilizes multiple cloud services and does not allocate concentrated related information in any cloud service account.

Blastoff maintains regular backups (in the cloud) for all client campaigns and intellectual property.

Protecting the security of all our client’s campaigns and related project information is a high priority for us.  Clients should also be aware that although digital advertising campaigns can become valuable business assets, it is difficult to steal or copy them successfully.  Each campaign is an organic system highly dependent upon the website, and ultimately business it is connected to.  To steal a campaign, you would actually need to also steal the website that it is associated with.  And even then, you would face such an array of problems, it wouldn’t work out well.

More on IP protection, elsewhere on this site.

Do you take on clients from outside the United States?2020-11-09T07:47:29+00:00

No problem, we frequently take on pay-per-click advertising clients from outside the United States. Blastoff has PPC advertising clients from Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, South America, and the Middle East. We always find a way to handle any time zone challenges.

We also have extensive experience with strategies, methods, and tradeoffs for targeting digital advertising accounts and PPC campaigns to multiple countries and continents.

Do you offer a telephone consultation?2020-11-09T07:47:36+00:00