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Qualifying Your Project

Frequently asked questions about qualifying your project.

How much time to build PPC campaigns?

“How much time to build PPC campaigns?” is a question that requires qualification.

Some campaigns could be built and launched rather quickly. However, in today’s PPC environment there are very few situations where that would […]

How much time to build PPC campaigns?2021-03-21T07:31:52+00:00

Are your PPC agency services refundable?

If a client had prepaid funds on account for PPC agency services yet to be rendered and decided to stop work immediately, they would be eligible for a refund.  We would refund the unused […]

Are your PPC agency services refundable?2021-03-21T07:35:39+00:00

Contract lock-in period?

Given prevailing practices with paid search agencies, it’s reasonable to ask “Is there a contract lock-in period for Blastoff Labs’ services?”.

Contract lock-in periods have been widely used in the digital ad industry, but we […]

Contract lock-in period?2021-03-21T07:22:44+00:00

Can a PPC Campaign Be Stolen?

Can someone actually run away with a copy of a PPC Campaign?

Although digital advertising campaigns can become valuable business assets, it is difficult to steal or copy them successfully, even if access could be […]

Can a PPC Campaign Be Stolen?2021-03-12T07:50:07+00:00

Do you offer a phone or Zoom consultation?

Yes, we will be most likely be pleased to provide a phone or Zoom consultation to discuss your digital advertising objectives; just complete the form on the Contact page.

To get the most out […]

Do you offer a phone or Zoom consultation?2021-03-21T06:53:46+00:00

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?

When deciding whether to bid on an RFP, we treat it like any other incoming project. If it looks like a good fit for us then we may choose to submit a proposal in […]

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?2021-03-21T17:34:49+00:00