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Preparing to Start

Frequently asked questions about preparing to start a PPC campaign development, optimization, or re-engineering project.

What’s the project update interval?

What is the project update interval?  It varies depending upon the phase of work.

When campaigns are in design, PPC client communications typically include some informal email back and forth to resolve open issues, and […]

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Is there an onboarding checklist?

When onboarding PPC projects we’ll send you a list of onboarding checklists, which are some requests that include instructions.

The majority of items are to request you take some simple actions linking accounts. They are […]

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How does project onboarding work?

How does project onboarding work? When an ad campaign project starts, we’ll send you an onboarding list. It’s a set of links to short articles which address how to share accounts we need access […]

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Working day-to-day? [P]

It’s reasonable to ask at the beginning of a project: “how will we be working, day-to-day?

Blastoff Labs has a process in place for all projects that we take on.  This provides a framework for […]

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How much of my time will it take?

We don’t take on projects where the client rolls up their sleeves working on the internals of advertising campaigns themselves, are trained to design PPC campaigns, or are required to spend their time working […]

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PPC campaign success?

What does PPC campaign success look like?

PPC campaign success is of course the objective of all our clients.

There are two metrics that together, define the success of a PPC campaign.

With mid and high funnel […]

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What ad campaign deliverables will I see?

We’ll provide a project plan as part of your proposal as work gets underway, after onboarding, consistent with the timeline from our proposal.  During campaign development, we’ll provide updates and review key elements of […]

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What information do you need when onboarding a PPC project?

When we onboard a PPC project, the first email clients receive is a set of “onboarding” action requests and questions. Typically, these are links to step-by-step instructions for sharing access to advertising and analytics […]

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