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Contribute to campaign design?

There are a number of ways that clients can contribute to the campaign design process, which are addressed in other articles on this site. The most important one is the onboarding inputs.  This includes […]

Contribute to campaign design?2021-03-21T16:55:34+00:00

Track the project status?

We track the project status internally for your paid search campaign project, using the Wrike project management system. We’ll send Gantt chart timelines and slide decks for your project that show top-level project […]

Track the project status?2021-03-21T16:56:06+00:00

How is the project start date determined?

In your project proposal, we will provide a Gantt chart schedule for the project including start date, milestone, and planned duration of key tasks.

Typically projects are started immediately when taken on. There are some […]

How is the project start date determined?2020-11-15T08:54:12+00:00

What’s the project update interval?

What is the project update interval?  It varies depending upon the phase of work.

When campaigns are in design, PPC client communications typically include some informal email back and forth to resolve open issues, and […]

What’s the project update interval?2021-03-21T16:56:33+00:00

Changes to the campaigns?

We occasionally hear this question from a client: “can we make changes to our PPC campaigns?”

The answer is a qualified yes. We ask that instead of making any change directly, you request that Blastoff […]

Changes to the campaigns?2021-03-21T17:31:19+00:00

Adjusting PPC campaign bids?

When we first launch PPC campaigns, sometimes we will put them in “manual bidding mode” which is the simplest and most straightforward form of adjusting PPC campaign bids. Once the initial bids are set, […]

Adjusting PPC campaign bids?2021-03-20T01:54:20+00:00

PPC competitors?

With the arrival of new PPC competitors in the advertising market for your product or services, it may or may not impact your campaigns. There are a number of factors to consider.

A good analogy […]

PPC competitors?2021-03-27T01:42:39+00:00

Fault monitoring?

PPC Campaigns need to have fault monitoring in place because they can run into fault conditions.  For example, the credit card on file to pay ad spend may expire. Or a bot may flag […]

Fault monitoring?2021-03-10T21:47:55+00:00

Campaign management consistency?

We will not forget you after the launch — that is when the fun begins!

PPC campaign management consistency is built into the way Blastoff Labs works day-to-day, for good reason.

We take an interest in […]

Campaign management consistency?2021-03-08T21:05:09+00:00

How much time to build PPC campaigns?

“How much time to build PPC campaigns?” is a question that requires qualification.

Some campaigns could be built and launched rather quickly. However, in today’s PPC environment there are very few situations where that would […]

How much time to build PPC campaigns?2021-03-21T07:31:52+00:00

Timeline for the project?

Will there be a timeline for the project?

Yes, we build project timelines showing workflows, durations, and milestones at the start of a project.  The steps for building each type of campaign, and related services […]

Timeline for the project?2021-03-21T07:30:39+00:00

Is there an onboarding checklist?

When onboarding PPC projects we’ll send you a list of onboarding checklists, which are some requests that include instructions.

The majority of items are to request you take some simple actions linking accounts. They are […]

Is there an onboarding checklist?2021-03-21T16:17:18+00:00

Are your PPC agency services refundable?

If a client had prepaid funds on account for PPC agency services yet to be rendered and decided to stop work immediately, they would be eligible for a refund.  We would refund the unused […]

Are your PPC agency services refundable?2021-03-21T07:35:39+00:00

Contract lock-in period?

Given prevailing practices with paid search agencies, it’s reasonable to ask “Is there a contract lock-in period for Blastoff Labs’ services?”.

Contract lock-in periods have been widely used in the digital ad industry, but we […]

Contract lock-in period?2021-03-21T07:22:44+00:00

Can a PPC Campaign Be Stolen?

Can someone actually run away with a copy of a PPC Campaign?

Although digital advertising campaigns can become valuable business assets, it is difficult to steal or copy them successfully, even if access could be […]

Can a PPC Campaign Be Stolen?2021-03-12T07:50:07+00:00

Do you offer a phone or Zoom consultation?

Yes, we will be most likely be pleased to provide a phone or Zoom consultation to discuss your digital advertising objectives; just complete the form on the Contact page.

To get the most out […]

Do you offer a phone or Zoom consultation?2021-03-21T06:53:46+00:00

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?

When deciding whether to bid on an RFP, we treat it like any other incoming project. If it looks like a good fit for us then we may choose to submit a proposal in […]

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?2021-03-21T17:34:49+00:00

How does project onboarding work?

How does project onboarding work? When an ad campaign project starts, we’ll send you an onboarding list. It’s a set of links to short articles which address how to share accounts we need access […]

How does project onboarding work?2021-03-21T16:16:35+00:00

Working day-to-day? [P]

It’s reasonable to ask at the beginning of a project: “how will we be working, day-to-day?

Blastoff Labs has a process in place for all projects that we take on.  This provides a framework for […]

Working day-to-day? [P]2021-03-08T14:49:48+00:00

How much of my time will it take?

We don’t take on projects where the client rolls up their sleeves working on the internals of advertising campaigns themselves, are trained to design PPC campaigns, or are required to spend their time working […]

How much of my time will it take?2020-11-09T07:48:00+00:00

PPC campaign success?

What does PPC campaign success look like?

PPC campaign success is of course the objective of all our clients.

There are two metrics that together, define the success of a PPC campaign.

With mid and high funnel […]

PPC campaign success?2021-03-23T21:59:28+00:00

What ad campaign deliverables will I see?

We’ll provide a project plan as part of your proposal as work gets underway, after onboarding, consistent with the timeline from our proposal.  During campaign development, we’ll provide updates and review key elements of […]