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Business Questions

Business questions about paid search campaigns, and Blastoff Labs services.

Does SEO impact PPC?

A landing page with good on-page SEO optimization will tend to pull a better PPC quality score. So there's an indirect connection. 

Does SEO impact PPC?2021-03-21T16:52:39+00:00

Contribute to campaign design?

There are a number of ways that clients can contribute to the campaign design process, which are addressed in other articles on this site. The most important one is the onboarding inputs.  This includes […]

Contribute to campaign design?2021-03-21T16:55:34+00:00

How much time to build PPC campaigns?

“How much time to build PPC campaigns?” is a question that requires qualification.

Some campaigns could be built and launched rather quickly. However, in today’s PPC environment there are very few situations where that would […]

How much time to build PPC campaigns?2021-03-21T07:31:52+00:00

Timeline for the project?

Will there be a timeline for the project?

Yes, we build project timelines showing workflows, durations, and milestones at the start of a project.  The steps for building each type of campaign, and related services […]

Timeline for the project?2021-03-21T07:30:39+00:00

Contract lock-in period?

Given prevailing practices with paid search agencies, it’s reasonable to ask “Is there a contract lock-in period for Blastoff Labs’ services?”.

Contract lock-in periods have been widely used in the digital ad industry, but we […]

Contract lock-in period?2021-03-21T07:22:44+00:00

Do you take on non-US clients?

Non-US Clients?

Sure, we frequently take on non-US clients. Blastoff has PPC advertising clients from Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, South America, and the Middle East. We always find a way to handle any time zone […]

Do you take on non-US clients?2021-03-21T17:32:11+00:00

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?

When deciding whether to bid on an RFP, we treat it like any other incoming project. If it looks like a good fit for us then we may choose to submit a proposal in […]

Will you bid on an RFP for a project?2021-03-21T17:34:49+00:00

20 Reasons For PPC Campaign Failure


20 Reasons For PPC Campaign Failure

We see these PPC campaign failure issues regularly on incoming account rebuild projects:

  1. The wrong type of […]
20 Reasons For PPC Campaign Failure2021-03-11T01:23:22+00:00

Where to set PPC ad spend?

We recommend spending enough to generate at least 20 clicks per day in most markets, in order to accumulate statistically meaningful data in each 24-hour period.

The daily spend is the number of clicks times […]

Where to set PPC ad spend?2020-11-11T06:49:51+00:00