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Google Search Console (GSC): How to share access

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console (GSC) access helps Blastoff Labs for a number of PPC campaign management activities:

  • Observing organic search queries for infrequently-used, long-tail queries. These queries may be useful in expanding a PPC campaign’s keyword base.
  • Monitoring search engine spider (crawl) stats, which informs our quality score (QS) optimization workflows.
  • Monitoring search engine crawl duration and frequency, to detect issues which may impact PPC quality score, such as overly large images on the site.

GSC 3rd-party access may be granted provisionally by a PPC Ad account owner:

Please share access to Google Search Console by logging in at search.google.com/search-console , then navigate to “Settings” (lower left, gear icon) > User & Permissions > Users > Add Users

Add this email address as a user:  [email protected]

Please be sure to select “Administrative” level access, otherwise, we will need to revisit this later.  This does not make us the owner of your GSC account; and access remains provisional.

If you do not presently have a GSC account, we can create one for you and designate you as the owner.  It may be necessary for us to send you a verification code to install on the homepage.

[screenshots pending Q4 2020]