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Does SEO impact PPC?

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Ad campaign design: can we contribute to the process?2020-11-09T05:24:36+00:00

There are a number of ways that clients can contribute to the paid search ad campaign design process, which are addressed in other articles on this site. Examples include: onboarding inputs re: competitors, search query terms, linking accounts, business objectives, product/service information.

However, we do not take on projects where the client wants to become actively involved with the details of designing paid search campaigns or learning how to design and manage PPC campaigns.  Our processes and business model is to setup to free our clients for higher-level tasks more specific to their business and area of expertise.

Paid search and eCommerce campaign design and management is a specialized skill set that takes years to become highly skilled at, so there is much training required.

Paid search project status: How will we track the status?