Shopping Campaign Design And Precision Feed Optimization

shopping campaign object model

Shopping Campaign Object Model | ©Blastoff Labs

Shopping ads are simple in concept but are notoriously difficult both to get serving, and to optimize. Because they become part of a financial transaction trail, the platform providers carefully review each new campaign and monitor them closely – mostly with bots – after launch.

More requirements and restrictions necessarily exist to protect against liability compared with other campaign types. Globally, up to 5,000 shopping campaigns are flagged for terms of service violations and suspended from serving each day of the year!

In the course of designing, optimizing, and re-engineering many shopping ad campaigns, we’ve developed systematic workflows. They enable us to consistently build high-performance campaigns that drive converting traffic to e-commerce sites. Our e-Commerce campaign reports are uniquely useful, summarizing performance in different useful SKU groupings, with insightful roll up charting.

Below we summarize the workflows we’ve developed to design, launch, precision optimize, and manage quality, high-performance shopping campaigns.

Shopping ad campaigns are by design, engineered to attract high-quality, so-called “low funnel” converting traffic to e-commerce sites. They have become Google’s largest financial success to date, generating over 50% of Alphabet’s annual revenue. Microsoft Shopping and Facebook are also significant e-Commerce success stories.

This campaign type is fundamentally different from other campaign types. Shopping campaigns are driven by a structured dataset residing in an e-commerce platform or stand-alone database. They are served within carousels (scrollable panels) so more ads can be served into a small amount of screen real estate, even on handheld mobile devices.

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