Client Project Case Studies & Results

We Were On the Buy Side

Split TestingOur experiences led us to invent different ways of managing projects and serving clients. Blastoff’s business processes are designed around our clients’ needs and expectations. The result has been an 70% client retention rate over our first 5 years of operation.

Our Team Is Focused On Paid Search

Blastoff Labs has been tightly focused on paid search campaigns since it’s formation. No matter what detail or aspect of this specialty we encounter, we’re constantly pushing to learn more.

Digital advertising is a terrific industry to have the opportunity to work in. But more importantly, it provides us frequent opportunities to help other businesses where it counts: driving revenue growth. When a project comes together, we know we’re helping our clients grow their businesses.

We don’t identify clients by name in the case studies below, as the sidebar explains. Details may be changed to insure the identity of the client can’t be determined by those familiar with an industry.  However, the relevant information is accurate: key performance indicators, project durations, spend levels, and the other KPIs.

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ELLIOT SAVITZ“After using several Adwords agencies we finally found “Blastoff Labs.” Steve is the best. He is doing a fantastic marketing campaign for us. He is always approachable, very quick to respond and knows his stuff, unlike many other people/agencies we have worked with or spoken to in the past.”

ELLIOT SAVITZ, Criminal Defense Attorney
Advisor to TV Series, “Boston Law”
Law Offices of Elliot Savitz ~ Boston, MA

Project Milestones, Metrics, & Outcomes

The case studies below describe some recent client project outcomes. We’re fellow business types, but also competitors by nature so thrive upon the challenge presented by each client’s campaigns and competition.

Fashion Retailer Goes To #2 Nationwide For Top Brand

International Investing Consultant Hits Home Run

Specialty Retailer – Shopping Campaign Optimization

We took on a client with a very sharp fashion store focused on one type of apparel purchased by upscale consumers and a heavy weighting on the female demographic. All of the product photography across the site, which retails about 2,000 items, was high quality and done in house; so unique. The product descriptions were written with a lot of care, and were excellent quality copy. But their 11 Shopping campaigns were not performing that well, trending slightly below profitability.

It took us about 3 weeks to crack the code on this one. First, we created a baseline of the performance and segmented it by brand and model. By using our proprietary feed analysis tools we determined that the feed was not structured properly, and although the copy was delightful as viewed by the human eye, it was not tailored for the bots. So the campaigns were bidding in the wrong auctions.

We spend 3 weeks completing a precision optimization of the feed, and introduced a new product taxonomy into the product type fields. We deployed Simprosys feed optimization software in order to optimize the text that is served to the ad campaigns, versus the copy that is fed onto the product pages on the site.

These brands have taken off, and in a short time moved to 800% return on ad spend, with significant volume increases. Recently, the number 2 brand in their market sector contacted them, to let them know that they have become their #2 seller nationwide by volume.

International Investing Consultant Hits Home Run

Consultant delivering 3 -day, $7,500 per seat training program to investors. The consultant’s YouTube ad videos were reworked into a different sequence and shortened, for an 1,100% percent increase in conversion rate, and 80% decrease in cost per conversion (CPA).

International Investing Consultant Hits Home Run With YouTube Video Campaigns

We were retained by a client who runs an international business training program for affluent private investors. This client is an excellent public speaker possessing a wealth of valuable knowledge.  She has successfully engaged Hotel ballrooms packed full of investors and business owners, paying $7,500 a seat for a 3-day training program. We were excited to have them as a client.

We optimized their search and display ad campaigns, and began looking at the surprisingly weak performance of their YouTube video campaigns.

Problems with YouTube Video Conversions: Not Always Obvious

We registered for their free online course and watched some videos over a 2 week period. We went into product marketing mode, asking “why aren’t the video campaigns converting well?”. Then, suddenly we saw the problem clearly.

Sorry – That’s Not Worth Trying

We asked the client for changes to be made in the expensive video material, but the requested changes were rebuffed.

So We Just Did It Ourselves

So with the client’s permission, we downloaded the videos and made the edits we had requested. Here’s what we changed:

We moved the introductory material to the end of the video and shorted it by 75%. Then, we took the core of the content, where valuable information was being taught in a hotel ballroom, and we cut all the introductory “warm up” material out. The updated videos literally “start in the middle”.

The updated video starts immediately with the famous consultant is in the middle of conveying valuable information to 500+ attendees, in an articulate fashion. The material is amazing and the audience is clearly fully engaged. We also featured the speaker warmly interacting with attendees during the breaks.

What were the results?

After reaching a statistically significant level of clicks and conversions, out new approach delivered an 1,100% increase in conversion rate! At the same time, cost per conversion dropped by over 80%, and average view time went from 117 seconds to 283 seconds, even though the new version is a 1/3 shorter video. Bounce rate declined by 23%.

Moral of the Story: YouTube Can Be A Sleeper “Home Run Channel”, If You Get The Video Right

It turns out, the best way to convert this type of high-end business seminar is with video ads. But the video has to be sequenced right, and the right material featured.

Search & Display Drive $50M Software ISV’s Growth

Enterprise Software Firm - ResultsBlastoff Labs was engaged to design a set of campaigns for a growing software company, operating in the enterprise network management sector. We familiarized with the product line, competitors product lines and their market positioning, prevailing product trends and related industry standards. We performed a PPC competitive analysis as described elsewhere on this site. This led us to recommend and develop a set of 9 campaigns using search and display campaign types, incorporating both Display and Search (RLSA) remarketing.

We also conducted a landing page analysis of the client site and made recommendations to improve the user experience (UX) and to enhance the CRO (conversion rate optimization) profile. We made recommendations for ad spend at $250/day, configured conversion tracking, and launched the campaigns, starting the coarse optimization process which took 4 weeks.

Six months later, after extensive fine optimization and bringing the campaigns all onto automated bidding, the account is running at a 600% average return on ad spend; CPA’s at $150 average, driving telephone, phone call, and white paper sign up leads to the client’s nationwide enterprise sales force. Average CPC’s have slowly declined since the campaigns launched, and quality scores (QS) have been steadily rising. Based upon the top-line sales growth which has resulted, this client  is currently raising an additional round of private equity. We are managing the campaigns on an ongoing basis and creating plans for a video campaign initiative.

Storage Equipment IT OEM Partners

Venture Capital ISPBlastoff Labs developed a series of search and display campaigns for a US-based, venture capital ISV selling IT infrastructure management products. Their system runs by connecting into the APIs of industry platforms, and is designed to track storage networking assets using industry standard, vs proprietary protocols.

We went into product marketing mode, identifying and studying each competitor. We downloaded a demo of their system and familiarized with it’s user interface and features. We studied articles about their niche, and watched sales videos. This led us to an multi-channel, segmented advertising strategy which met the client’s enthusiastic approval.

Wishing 90 days of the campaigns launching in the US, Europe and Asia this client was contacted by a leading Telecom supplier and engaged in a strategic resale relationship. They have since scaled their campaigns up and raised a C round of venture capital financing.

CLIENT PRIVACY: In the digital advertising industry, many clients are sensitive to various aspects of their campaigns being disclosed publicly. This is totally rational, as PPC accounts often become valuable corporate assets, driving sales. In these case studies, we do not associate outcomes with a particular client. We may change certain details about campaigns, and we do not select clients who are featured elsewhere on this site in testimonials. Blastoff Labs has developed well considered and articulated client intellectual property and information technology (IP/IT) protection policies. We treat all clients account, campaigns, communications, and related information as highly sensitive intellectual property. We go into this in more depth elsewhere on this site, including our IP/IT security policies and our policy regarding clients operating in the same industry (competitors).