search ad with sitelink extensions

Search campaign ad with 2 sitelink extensions and call extension

Search campaign ad copy is critical to performance, so we have tested in practice many methods of creating, improving, and optimizing ad copy. The workflow and methods we currently use are outlined in other articles on this site.

Our ad design process is based upon the classic creative process, mapped into digital advertising.  It is always a team activity.

Whether a campaign is targeting a b2b market, or b2c, search ads (and their critically important, related search ad extensions) are a crucial element of search campaigns because they carry the advertiser’s message to potential customers, clients, and buyers.

This would seem obvious, but it is surprising how many campaigns with see with “mediocre” ad copy, limiting performance. But there are good reasons for this: sometimes advertisers “get lucky”, but more frequently great ads are usually difficult to create, measure, and assess.

However, there is good news: even though the quality of ad copy appears to be subjective — in the digital world — everything can be quantified, measured, and optimized. So arriving at great ad copy need not be a mystery.

We have developed workflows not only for search campaigns, but for all the other four types of digital ad campaigns: display, video, shopping, and remarketing.

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