Conversion Rate Optimization

Sales Funnel, Illustrating Conversion RateSearch engine traffic landing on a website is often visualized as “entering a sales funnel” process, as shown in the diagram. The ultimate job of the campaign and website is to generate a meaningful outcome, in the form of “conversions” – an exit from the bottom of the sales funnel.

PPC campaigns are therefore dependent on the quality and related performance of the web pages that they’re driving traffic to. The efficiency of web pages in producing conversions is a crucial issue for PPC advertisers and campaign managers.

Conversion rate optimization or “CRO” work can frequently deliver meaningful gains in the financial performance of a lead generation website, or e-Commerce online business.

The term “CRO”, which is a PPC industry acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization, is an umbrella term for a set of emerging, specialized digital marketing skills sometimes referred to collectively as “conversion rate science”. Use of the term “science” for an emerging online marketing discipline is a bit controversial. But CRO is definitely more than just a bit of spin.

The term “science” was adopted because a sizable body of CRO knowledge and know-how has accumulated by online marketers around the world, and been proven to work.The impact of any change that comes out of CRO work can be quantiatively measured through the use of web analytics, heat maps, and split testing of changes.

In other articles, we describe different.

Below we take a look at some CRO processes and methods we utilize to evaluate client websites.


CRO Processes & Methods