Frequently Asked Questions

How long to reach automated bidding?

We configure display campaigns with manual bidding before migrating them onto automated bidding. As a result, new display campaigns take a bit of time to develop a stable serving pattern after launch. Typically this is just a few days, but it varies depending upon the scale of the campaign, and the market targeted. Automated bidding works better when there is …

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Is paid search performance management a good idea?

Advertisers are naturally concerned with the paid search performance of their campaigns because it impacts both top-line revenue and expenses. Skillfully executed, consistent PPC account performance management will boost the return on your paid search campaigns, while lowering risk. The question becomes what degree of management, and that varies depending upon the environment the campaign operates in, and the stage …

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PPC campaign performance briefings?

Q: Can you conduct PPC campaign performance briefings for our company leaders and select outside investors? A: Sure, we’re experienced in presenting campaign performance briefings to any group or level of your management team that’s helpful to your company. We can develop a summary of your digital advertising initiatives: Historical performance Current performance Strategic insights Opportunities for optimization of performance …

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Interim campaign updates?

Our campaign performance reports provide charts and summaries of key engagement, conversion, and financial metrics, compared to a previous reporting period.

What’s the project update interval?

Project update interval varies depending upon the vertical market, urgency of the project in relation to the client’s business, and the phase of work that campaigns are in. When campaigns are in design, PPC client communications typically include some informal email back and forth to resolve open issues, and weekly to bi-weekly project timeline/milestone updates; they’re built into the schedule …

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Set project start date?

In your project proposal, we will provide a Gantt chart schedule for the project including start date, milestone, and planned duration of key tasks. Typically projects are started immediately when taken on. There are some exceptions, for example eCommerce projects tend to exert strong demand in the fourth quarter tying up key resources.

Manage our PPC campaigns in-house?

This question sometimes arises: should we outsource PPC campaign management, or manage our PPC campaigns in-house? Let’s rephrase the question as “can we manage our PPC campaigns in-house at some point after launch, or should we have them managed? Here’s a key aspect thing to understand when considering the question: Accumulating the understanding to operate PPC campaigns is not a …

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Does SEO impact PPC?

The question is often posed, does SEO impact PPC? As part of the running calculation which sets the quality score for a keyword, the PPC platform spiders the landing page and determines the relevancy of the content. A landing page content relevant to the keyword, and correct on-page SEO optimization will tend to pull a better PPC quality score. So …

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Campaign reporting frequency?

Our standard campaign reporting frequency is monthly. We provide analysis and commentary along as an integral part of each report. Arrangements can be made to report more frequently in special situations, for example for high-intensity launch campaigns, special event campaigns, and when launching into new markets with an aggressive timeline. At times we meet as frequently as weekly to review …

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Track campaign performance?

How can we track campaign performance? Our PPC campaign reporting is designed to provide a comprehensive view of campaign performance. Charts and tables in the reports document all relevant and pertinent account and campaign metrics. Key performance indicators (KPIs) summarize important metrics change from a prior period to the current reporting period. Embedded within our PPC campaign performance reports, we …

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Changes to the campaigns?

So, we require our clients to agree to not directly make changes to change PPC campaigns that we’re managing. If you want to make PPC campaign changes in your campaigns, please contact us — just email or call. Any time we spend handling or discussing PPC campaign change requests from clients is complimentary. We want all clients to feel at …

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Adjusting PPC campaign bids?

When we first launch PPC campaigns, sometimes we will put them in “manual bidding mode” which is the simplest and most straightforward form of adjusting PPC campaign bids. Once the initial bids are set, the PPC bid management is not “taken care of”; it’s a process. After setting the initial bids, data will start to accumulate showing us whether the …

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Digital Ad Blindness?

Digital ad blindness occurs when an ad is seen so frequently that the person viewing it becomes “blind” to the ad content – they don’t mentally register it. This can be pertinent to search campaigns after they run for a very long period of time; but not in most market segments. High-performance PPC campaigns can run successfully for years, with …

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PPC competitors?

With the arrival of new PPC competitors in the advertising market for your product or services, it may or may not impact your campaigns. There are a number of factors to consider. A good analogy is to consider the impact of a stone being thrown into a pond.  We might ask, what is the size of the pond, it’s depth; …

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Fault monitoring?

PPC Campaigns need to have fault monitoring in place because they can run into fault conditions.  For example, the credit card on file to pay ad spend may expire. Or a bot may flag an ad and disable it.  Shopping products may develop price mismatches. In all of these cases, we catch and resolve the issues quickly because we monitor …

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Campaign management consistency?

We will not forget you after the launch — that is when the fun begins! PPC campaign management consistency is built into the way Blastoff Labs works day-to-day, for good reason. We take an interest in optimizing each campaign and ensuring that it’s performing well for our clients. That’s why it’s built into each project. A common misunderstanding that advertisers …

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How much time to build PPC campaigns?

“How much time to build PPC campaigns?” is a question that requires qualification. Some campaigns could be built and launched rather quickly. However, in today’s PPC environment there are very few situations where that would be an advisable way to proceed. There are quite a few aspects to quality PPC campaigns that take time to work out.  PPC campaign quality …

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Timeline for the project?

Will there be a timeline for the project? Yes, we build project timelines showing workflows, durations, and milestones at the start of a project.  The steps for building each type of campaign, and related services are described in detail on the “Services” main menu choices on this site.