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Search Ad Campaigns

Search Ad campaigns are today’s version of the classic, ubiquitous text ads that made Google a household name. They’ve evolved and improved dramatically from the original, plain-vanilla 4-line text ads that first appeared just over 20 years ago. Search ad campaigns remain tremendously useful workhorses for many businesses advertising across digital channels.

Conversion Value Models
for PPC Campaigns

conversion value modelingWhen configuring a new lead generation campaign, or re-engineering an existing lead generation campaign, conversion value models are generated for each campaign.

We have a […]

Conversion Value Models
for PPC Campaigns

PPC Keyword Discovery

The keyword base for search advertising campaigns is a foundation upon which everything else depends. If the keyword base is inadequate, it will be difficult to establish a high performing ad group structure, limiting campaign performance. 

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Create Search Campaign Structure

In this phase of PPC search campaign development, we factor the keyword base phonetically into a database, so the ad group structure flows naturally from groups of words that are semantically related.

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PPC Search Campaign Audience Configuration

Search campaign audience configuration is an important aspect of campaign setup which is often neglected. Dependent upon the market targeted, it may be beneficial to performance to include and exclude certain audiences.

Examples include including […]

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Develop PPC Search Campaign Ad Copy

search ad with sitelink extensions Search campaign ad with 2 sitelink extensions and call extension

Search campaign ad copy is critical to performance, so we have tested […]

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Search Campaign Launch

ppc search campaign launch PPC search campaign launch

After a search campaign launch, it will tend to gain serving momentum fast.  Campaign behavior after launch varies by […]

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PPC Search Ad Campaign Optimization

ppc campaign management maintenancePPC search ad campaign optimization typically requires 4 to 12 weeks in order to extract maximum performance. Simpler search campaigns, and campaigns operating […]

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