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Display Ad Campaigns

Display ad campaigns are image-based ads that are delivered across networks of millions of websites. Display reaches potential customers when and where they are not searching for you, but can be targeted to reach the right audiences. Display campaigns are advertising, whereas search and shopping campaigns are direct marketing.

Onboarding A Display Ad Campaign

We begin a display ad campaign project by linking to your PPC related accounts and configuring the project in our workflow tracking and support systems. We track project deliverables, milestones, and tasks within an enterprise-grade project management platform, Asana. This facilitates staying on top of projects details from onboarding through longer-term account management. At this first step of a project, we’ll be linking into Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. This is straightforward and fast; we send links with the steps. If these accounts do not exist or perhaps are held by a 3rd party, we can create new accounts and designate you as the owner. There is an article pending about our client-friendly intellectual property ownership and protection policies.

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