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Digital Ad Campaigns

There are 4 types of digital ad campaigns on the two major PPC platforms:

• Search
• Display
• Shopping
• Video

Each campaign type has unique strengths, weaknesses, and natural use cases. Search is strongest for lead generation for services, display can reach potential markets that are not necessarily looking for you, Shopping is for driving buyers to e-commerce sites, and video can carry nuanced or complex messages efficiently.

PPC Quality Score:
Four Things To Get Right

Quality Score (QS) is a core mechanism in search engine ad platforms. Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms use them. The platform assigns quality scores to each keyword in the campaign. Their workings are a bit opaque by design and can seem arbitrary at times.

PPC Quality Score:
Four Things To Get Right

Conversion Value Models
for PPC Campaigns

conversion value modelingWhen configuring a new lead generation campaign, or re-engineering an existing lead generation campaign, conversion value models are generated for each campaign.

We have a […]

Conversion Value Models
for PPC Campaigns

PPC Machine Learning:
A blog series

This series of articles takes a look at PPC automation available today, both how it works and associated controversies. We’ll share the high points of what we’ve learned, including the positive and less positive […]

PPC Machine Learning:
A blog series

Onboarding A Display Ad Campaign

We begin a display ad campaign project by linking to your PPC related accounts and configuring the project in our workflow tracking and support systems. We track project deliverables, milestones, and tasks within an enterprise-grade project management platform, Asana. This facilitates staying on top of projects details from onboarding through longer-term account management. At this first step of a project, we’ll be linking into Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising accounts; Google Tag Manager; Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. This is straightforward and fast; we send links with the steps. If these accounts do not exist or perhaps are held by a 3rd party, we can create new accounts and designate you as the owner. There is an article pending about our client-friendly intellectual property ownership and protection policies.

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Assess Online PPC Competition

ppc auction Each search query creates one or more electronic auctions where they bid for available ad slots on the search result page (SERP) being generated. Some […]

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Website – Landing Page CRO Feedback

Website traffic flows often need to be re-engineered to improve conversion performance. Advertising campaigns will drive qualified traffic to landing pages on a site, but it is equally crucial that the traffic turns into […]

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PPC Keyword Discovery

The keyword base for search advertising campaigns is a foundation upon which everything else depends. If the keyword base is inadequate, it will be difficult to establish a high performing ad group structure, limiting campaign performance. 

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Create Search Campaign Structure

In this phase of PPC search campaign development, we factor the keyword base phonetically into a database, so the ad group structure flows naturally from groups of words that are semantically related.

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PPC Search Campaign Audience Configuration

Search campaign audience configuration is an important aspect of campaign setup which is often neglected. Dependent upon the market targeted, it may be beneficial to performance to include and exclude certain audiences.

Examples include including […]

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