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Performance Management

Continuous Adaptive Optimization

Regular, ongoing account management including continuous monitoring, optimization, and error checking of active campaigns has proven beneficial to many PPC advertisers.

Performance is monitored and nudged higher, performance drops are circumvented, and opportunities to trim wasted ad spend waste appear. Campaign experiments and enhancements identify new opportunities to further increase performance. The result is a greater financial return on PPC accounts which are actively managed.  This is increasingly true for campaigns serving into more competitive markets, and in accounts with more than a few campaigns. An analogy can be made to operating a business with and without financial monitoring and management.

PPC campaign ads operate in a competitive, noisy, and constantly changing computing environment. The data being generated by campaigns provides the information needed to keep campaigns operating at peak efficiency. It facilitates among other things improvements to campaigns, adjustments in response to warning signals when demand is on the wane, and responding when a competitor enters the targeted market.

Below we itemize some ways Blastoff Labs provides ongoing PPC account management after launch and initial optimization.


Elements of Performance Management

Search Ad Campaign Launch & Trajectory Adjustments

PPC search campaign launch Once launched into that big electronic cloud spanning the earth known as "the internet", search ad campaigns tend to gain serving momentum fast. Their behavior various by market and campaign design, with average size campaigns usually developing a consistent serving pattern within a few days of launch. During this "post-launch" [...]

PPC Conversion Value & Click Attribution Model Development

PPC conversion value development assigns an estimated value to each type of conversion, which are assembled into a model for the site. See related articles on this site. Conversion value data is fed back into automated bidding machine learning algorithms to boost performance dynamically. For every PPC account and search ad campaign, we create [...]